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Data Backup and Storage are essential to ensure recoverability of lost or corrupted data. Think of it as an insurance policy without an insurance company.  It is very rare that data is lost or corrupted but it is something that can happen at the most annoying or inconvenient time. In the corporate world, planning for possible data loss may be part of the disaster recovery plan. Our service examines the type of data that you are using in the course of your business or at home. Then we sit with you to establish a plan that will satisfy your needs. Backups of your programs is already taken care of by having the software on CD-ROM or Diskette. The data that you need to store consists of those transactions and records that you created or calculated yourself. They may be accounting files, spreadsheets, inventory records, payroll detail, letters or other key business records. At home it may be personal financial records, letters, photographs, projects and other records that are of value and that you would have a hard time replacing. 

Our service will:

  • Identify data that you cannot afford to lose as it will disrupt your business or life
  • Identify the volume and size of data to define storage requirements
  • Identify the best storage media for back ups
  • Organize your directory and folders to simplify the backup of data
  • Acquire and install the necessary storage media
  • Set up back up procedures and schedules
  • Arrange for off-site storage if required.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure that any computer hard drive problems cause a minimum disruption
  • All valuable data is recoverable regardless of the severity of the disaster
  • If your data is attacked by a computer virus you can still recover

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