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A-1 offers a wide range of services that is growing and constantly changing with technology and business demands. We keep abreast of the latest technology and may offer advice and support in areas that are not listed in this site. When software and hardware bugs hit the user community, we usually hear about them first because of an international network of technicians are out there applying the fix.

This page provides a list of some of the regular services we supply. If you have a problem that does not fit neatly within a category, then contact one of our Troubleshooters and we can probably help.

Products And Services
Computer Network Security

Data Harvesting, Hackers, Remote Access these are all ways intruders gain access to your network and email systems. Call us now for a free evealuation of your network security needs. Dont be the next company to send out the email to your customers that their data has been compromised!

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A-1 Time Off©
A1TO supplements your time & attendance solution by offering a secure online vacation request system, allowing users to make vacation, swap and trade requests with other employees, virtuually eliminating supervisor interaction. A1TO is fully customizable with your rules and schedules. Advanced error checking and rule monitoring eliminate errors. Users login from anywhere even their data cabable phone. more...
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Quality Control Software with or without Automatic Data Collection, from your Test equipment. Real Time Data analysis.
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A1 Wedge©
Serial Port Data Acquisition Software.
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FLCheck is a Web based forklift check in/out Software for your Plant or Entire Company. FLCheck Exceeds OSHA checklist requirements, and is completely customizable for your needs.

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Print Forms
Information Display

Digital Signage - you've seen it everywhere. This emerging industry is fast approaching ubiquity in our everyday life. A-1 Computer Service is at the forefront of the high-impact medium of digital signage, also known as Retail TV, Electronic Billboards, Dynamic Digital Signs, Narrowcasting, Datacasting, Electronic Display Networks, Digital In-Store Merchandising, Employee TV, Captive Audience Networks, or Digital Media Networks. No matter your needs, A1 has the digital signage software that will bring your digital signs to life.

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Data Mining
Custom Internet/Intranet Data Acquisition and Extraction services. Compile data from the Web while you sleep.
Custom Wedge
Custom Serial port acquisition modules with data output to basically any format .
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Custom Software
Although we are proficient in the Quality Control Area, our applications have been used for many purposes including Insurance, Financial Management, Manufacturing and many other industries. Call us for a quote Today.
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Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning & regular preventative maintenance includes looking at both the hardware and the software components of your system. We will come to your location and do everything on site based on a checklist of maintenance items. Keep your computer well maintained and your problems are reduced.

Fault Location and Resolution

Fault locating and resolution may sometimes be beyond the average users capabilities. We will come to your site and assess the fault using time proven procedures. Most faults we will have been seen before but sometimes a new one will appear. When this occurs we have access to a worldwide network of troubleshooters that can help pinpoint the problem and the appropriate resolution. After we have done our assessment we will give you an estimate of what is required to resolve the problem.

Component and Board Replacement

Every now and then a component or board within your computer will be required to be replaced to resolve a problem. On many occasions the component will be within the warranty period and the manufacturer will send a replacement for you to install. We can determine which component has failed, get the replacement part for you, install it, and then test it to make sure that the replaced part works correctly.

Network Design and Implementation

There are many advantages to networking more than one computer at home or in the business. Among them the sharing of Internet access, hardware such as printers and your data. We can design and install a network in your home or business for a very reasonable price.

Hardware and Software Upgrades

The life of many computers can be extended by upgrading hardware or software. Other times an upgrade is required to run certain new software or speed up the computer.  We can come to your office, business or home and assess your needs. Do not throw money away on the wrong upgrade. Talk to us first and we will advise you of your options.

Software and Hardware Troubleshooting

Sometimes a problem will occur that is intermittent and frustrating to solve as a user, or alternatively something that worked perfectly last week but now will not work. The problem may be further compounded by the lack of certainty as to whether it is a hardware or a software problem. We can troubleshoot these problems using our years of experience and the resources of our network.

Software Installation

Most software installs very easily with the use of an installer program that is usually provided by the vendor when you buy the product. Every now and then a piece of software may be missing or needs to be reinstalled due to being hit by a virus or being a new requisite for some new software. As long as you have the license for the software we will install or reinstall new or missing software and make sure that the links are working.

Training on applications software and computer usage

Many applications are complex and sometimes not too obvious in their usage. Through our resources we can offer training in most products so that you can get started and get a basic understanding of how they work. Training can be customized to your needs.

On-site support and advice for businesses

Small businesses and those that work out of the home very often require the support of a professional IT person when making plans and computer decisions. Before you go out and spend that well earned money on hardware and software that you may not need, contact us so that we can help you through the process. We do not keep an inventory of  hardware or software so we have no vested interest in guiding you buy items that we have in stock.

Data backup & storage

Many users whether at business or in the home, have important data sitting on their hard drives. In may cases they have not backed up this data in case of a hardware failure. We can help you put a backup process in place that will cover your vital data needs. We can even arrange for off-site storage.

Specialized services

Specialized services include programming, web design, database design and other services required to keep your network and computer effectively used. Specialized services may be the way to take your business to the next level and take full advantage of the business technology available.

Consulting and Planning Service

Our network of Troubleshooters includes people that have many years of consulting experience. We can provide you with consulting services to address any Information Technology or management issues. We can even supply you with highly experienced executive level consultants that can direct your technology directions on a part time basis thereby affording you the benefits of experience at minimal cost.

Web Site Development

We have a team of professionals ready to help you design and implement your web site There are many factors that determine your web sites success. Give us a call and see if A-1 can help.