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Computer Networking is the direction that technology is taking us. Stand alone computers are limited in the benefits they can provide compared to two or more computers that can communicate with each other, shares hardware resources and data. The basic introduction to networking for most users today is through access to the Internet. The Internet is accessed using a modem and a communication network through your telephone line or cable company. It allows a user to see or share data on another computer on the internet. This has evolved form the early days when networks were private with limited access. These local area networks (LAN) are now affordable and easy to install in small businesses and in homes. Networking has come a long way. 

A LAN can be installed using you existing telephone wiring or by running separate cables between your computers. By having you computers connected this way you can share data and files, share a common printer or have multiple printers shared by everyone. If you have internet access on one computer you can let other networked computers access the internet through the same modem.

If you have more that one computer in your business or your office you are a candidate to having a private network or virtual private network(VPN) of your own. We can come to your office or home and evaluate your needs and suggest alternative solutions with costs, and then install the network.

Key Benefits

  • Shared resources such as printers, directories and files
  • Shared internet access through a single modem
  • Email for all users