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If your computers are several years old it may be the right time to upgrade your computer hardware and software. New software may require more power or more memory to operate effectively. Software may need to be upgraded to provide new functionality and maintain compatibility with other software applications. Technology is moving so fast that many hardware and software components are quickly out of date and without support from the vendor.

If you are thinking about an upgrade give us a call and we will come and check out what you have and whether you need an upgrade or if there are other less expensive solutions.

If you are thinking of buying an new computer then we may be able to help you save some money by upgrading instead. Some computers allow CPU upgrades, most allow memory upgrades and more disk space to be added. In many cases we can upgrade your operating system to the latest release to give you all the benefits that come with it.

Key Benefits

  • Extended life of your computer thereby saving new funding
  • Increased performance or throughput
  • Compatible hardware and software components
  • New functionality of the latest release of software