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On site support means that we will come to your business premises or home to help you with your computer problems. You will not have to bring your faulty computer or equipment to us, we will come to you. If practical we will repair, upgrade or resolve your problem at your site thereby cutting down the time that your computer will be out of action. If the problem is too complex or activities required are too disruptive to your business or home environment, then we will take it to our shop for servicing. We can sit with your staff or yourself and work out any problems by reviewing the symptoms and the procedures that took place prior to identifying that there was a problem. At a personal level we can show how to avoid usage or procedural problems that may have caused the problem to start with.

On site help can go a lot further that troubleshooting your computer problems. We can be part of your business team, a virtual IT department, on a part-time basis helping you plan your technology solutions, implementing them and ensuring that you are ready for your growth. We can help you to move a computer, enhance you network, upgrade your modems or hubs. We will do any of those operational tasks that would normally be done by a computer operations department.

On site help is as far as a telephone call away. Alternatively, we can set up a maintenance contract whereby we visit your site every week or month for a few hours to check things out and do regular maintenance. 

Key Benefits

  • Cuts down on the time you are without your computer
  • Personal involvement of the user that found the problem.
  • Cuts down on the time you need to deliver and pickup your computer
  • Reduces the requirement to hire full time computer operations staff

Call A-1 Computer Service to see how you can save on computer operations staff and how we can support your everyday computer needs.