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Many times a user can be frustrated by a something that is happening with the computer that is obviously not right. It may be a hardware or software fault but it is not readily obvious to the user. Much time is lost and eventually it will need the attention of a professional to fix it. Why not call A-1 Computer Service and have us find the problem for you and save yourself some time. The cost of interrupted business may be be more that the cost of the service call anyway. Our maintenance agreements can provide an economical way of addressing all your computer problems and fault location. With a maintenance agreement we may be able to help you over the phone without having to charge you for a visit.

Fault location becomes more critical in older computers as they wear out and become obsolete. Many parts are not in stock anymore and are difficult to find. We will advise you of the availability of parts and assess your alternative solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce business interruption time
  • Lower employee or user frustration level
  • Reduced overall computer maintenance costs