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Web sites starting at approximately $500!                                  Call 1(605)940-4695 for a quick response to your website needs..

Personal Service

Contact us if you would like more information about developing your own web site. We will visit you at your office or your home to discuss the opportunities and benefits of a web site. By meeting you and having an open discussion we can provide a service that is personal and in tune with your business requirements.

Preliminary Information Pack

Once you have contacted us or met with us and expressed an interest in going forward with web site development, we will provide you with an information package containing a checklist of items that are needed to get the project going. The purpose of this checklist is to reduce your costs by helping you put together materials that we will need. By your own preparation of content and putting some thoughts on to paper you can greatly reduce the development time.

This list will:

  • save development time
  • help us with the site design
  • help you prepare for our interview
  • give you a better understanding of how the web site may work
  • give you ideas for what the site can look like
  • save you money!

However, if your strengths lie elsewhere than as a wordsmith we can also advise you on and prepare suitable text for the site.

One hour interview session

We will meet to review your requirements so that we develop a site specific to your needs. Prior to our meeting you should have read and acted on the preliminary information pack so that you are prepared for our meeting and you know what is involved with your alternatives. We will review and collect materials and information identified in the checklist. If we are going to prepare the text for your site we will need additional time to get a better understanding of your business.

One hour review session after first draft

After we have collected all the materials and information that we need we will proceed with developing a draft of the web site as a proposal for the final site. We will review this with you to get your feedback and identify other opportunities that will improve the site. At this point you may want to collect more materials so we will wait until you have them before proceeding with the final development stage of the web site.

What is a web site?

Just because you have a web site does not make your business a dot com company. A web site is a tool that supports your current business model and may play many roles but primarily as a component of your marketing program.

A web site provides:

  • An open view of your company crafted to create a desired image
  • A statement that you have arrived in the global economy
  • An extension of your marketing plan
  • A place to display your products and services
  • A place to collect information
  • A place to economically promote your business.
  • A common reference point to be used on advertisements, business cards, brochures, flyers, signage and any publicity

Do you have web space already but do not use it?

Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide web space as part of the package when you sign up for Internet and email service. If you are paying for your email and high speed access, also for dial-up service for that matter, then you probably have up to 10 MB of disk space available for a web site. Most businesses and individuals that have the space available do not use it! Are you one of those businesses? Why not use it? Call us and we will set you up for under $500.

Search engines and promoting your site

Having a web site does not necessarily mean anyone will visit it. The site will need promoting by registering it with search engines that are commonly used by Internet users. There are actually thousands of search engines with which you can register. We can do that for you. However some of the key search engines require payment to be included. Some are flat fee and some are based on the number of hits your site gets that originated from that search engine. On some sites you have to bid to get to the top of the list.

The easiest way to promote your site is to display your domain name (web site address) wherever and whenever you can. This includes putting it on business cards, advertisements, flyers, brochures, vehicles, storefront, letterhead, invoices, cheques and purchase orders.

Another effective way of promoting your site is from another site. A link or banner may be placed on another site such as a Chamber of Commerce, Association or specialty site. These may cost a few dollars to place but may well be worth it. We will advise you of some alternatives when we meet.

Close and available

We are not like some of those other developers that do everything over the phone, by email or by FAX. Our web site developers are close and available to meet you at your location. We provide that personal touch and spend time to get to know your business and what you want to project as an image.


As an international partner A-1's partners have have been developing web sites all over the world. This worldwide organization provides a back up and support mechanism for your local developer who can call on the network of developers for even more experience if needed.


A-1 computer Service provides the flexibility that only can be found in a small business that is operated by the owner as an owner. Quality, experience and the desire to provide personal service is the driving force behind each of our partners. Our web development program follows this belief too.

Full service

Web site development is only one of the many services that Computer Troubleshooters provides. We can look after all aspects of your computers and networks and would be pleased to provide you with details of other services and service plans.

On going site maintenance

After your site is published you will want to keep it up to date and current, even expanding its' size and content gradually. We can support this on going site maintenance with a service plan that will allow you to budget for the next year.


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